Moving Through Adversity by Building Lasting Relationships with Debbie Payne
The Real Estate Marketing PodcastJanuary 12, 2021x
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Moving Through Adversity by Building Lasting Relationships with Debbie Payne

No matter how great your marketing is and how streamlined your business is - if you aren’t committed to building lasting relationships and don’t care about your clients - achieving results is going to be really hard. And honestly, not sustainable. And I think that’s why so many realtors fail, they don’t focus on the long game. We’ve heard so many horror stories from people who have worked with less than ideal realtors, and look, we know you’re NOT one of them. You’re here to learn and grow, and that’s exactly why we have these conversations, to help you become the best you can be so that ultimately you can go out and just love your clients and serve them so well that they can’t even imagine not doing business with you. So, with that said - we have a special interview today about how YOU, yes YOU can take your relationship building skills to the next level. 

Debbie Payne has this magical ability to bring light and positivity to any situation, and her commitment to building meaningful relationships is admirable.

She’s been in the real estate industry as a seasoned realtor for over 30 years, and she also happens to be a re/max hall of fame member. And even though she just went through spinal surgery in 2020 - with all that’s going on in the world - she has a smile on her face every single time we connect. She lives her life with a sense of humour, and I assure you that you will fall in love with her!